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How To Build Self Esteem By Using Hypnosis

How To Improve Your Self Esteem


How To Build Self Esteem By Using Hypnosis

How much self esteem you have depends on how much you like, accept and respect yourself. Self esteem is your opinion of yourself, and only you can do something to raise or lower that opinion. Although you may suffer from low self esteem at the moment, it is possible to learn how to build self esteem and to rate yourself more objectively.

The easiest way to ruin your self esteem is to constantly put yourself down, criticise everything you say or do and only accept perfectionism. Does that sound like you?

Self esteem is best raised by actions, not thoughts. By doing worthwhile activities well, you prove to yourself that your efforts are valuable and useful. Extract the positive benefits of doing tasks well and learn from imperfections.

So we all do some things badly at some stages in our lives. The difference for people with robust self esteem is that they:

  • Learn from mistakes and move on.
  • Recognise what they are good at and value it.
  • Ignore the internal critic.
  • Believe positive feedback from other people.

Children and teenagers are constantly growing and experiencing new things, and their self esteem can wobble around. The best way to boost self esteem is to teach the skill of rating actions fairly, recognising and applauding what was done well and learning what could be improved next time round.

It is possible to learn how to build your self esteem by using hypnosis, by retraining your internal critic to be more objective, supportive and loving. Hypnosis is powerful way of turning up your confidence dial and learning to love yourself, warts and all.


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