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How To Stop Nail Biting Using Hypnosis

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How To Stop Nail Biting Using Hypnosis

No matter how you hard you try to hide or disguise it, bitten nails and chewed fingers are ugly. Bitten nails are a tell-tale sign of anxiety, troubled thoughts or simple poor personal hygiene. Learn how to stop nail biting now – no nasty creams or bitter varnishes required.

Maybe you’ve tried to stop nail biting before. No matter how often you consciously say “I have lovely long nails and healthy fingers,” you’ll find your hands quietly creeping toward your mouth and before you know it, you’re chewing down again. The problem with conscious decisions is that you’ve not addressed the more powerful, deeper drives that cause you to nail bite.

No matter how your nail biting habit started, you can stop it now using hypnosis. Hypnosis is a powerful tool in breaking the strong unconscious drive to bite your nails.

If you’re an anxious nail biter, hypnosis can reduce your anxiety, quickly and naturally.

If you have troubled thoughts, hypnosis can help you overcome your fears or lessen the painful emotions associated with bad memories.

If you’ve got poor personal hygiene, hypnosis can help you break the desire to put your hands in your mouth and stop the spread of germs. Quite simply, you will stop putting germs directly into your body, reducing your chances of having stomach upsets, bad breath and facial sores.

Unfortunately nail biters will tend to be unfairly judged by non nail biters. Your social confidence may falter, and dating success diminish. Reverse that trend and give yourself a helping hand by learning how to stop nail biting now using hypnosis.

Download a hypnosis mp3 on how to stop nail biting now...


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