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End Fingernail Biting Quickly and Easily


End Fingernail Biting Quickly and Easily

Fingernail biting is not only unsightly, but can also negatively affect your health. Biting of the nails often leads to biting of the cuticles, which can cause them to become infected. This makes your fingers look even worse than before. Also, your hands touch many things during the day and pick up all kinds of germs, which are then transferred to your mouth when you bite your nails. If you could see all of the germs you are putting into your mouth, you would be horrified. And if you have any cuts or sores in your mouth, those too can become infected.

One of the most common ways to treat fingernail biting is by painting them with a colourless, foul tasting liquid available from most drugstores. The theory is that your nails will taste so horrible that you will take them out of your mouth immediately. However, there are some problems with this line of treatment. First, you have to remember to paint your nails with the treatment several times a day. And some people are so desperate to bite their nails that they simply become used to the taste of the liquid so that it is no longer a deterrent. But most important, this treatment does not address the underlying problems that cause people to bite their nails in the first place.

Hypnosis does exactly that: it helps you learn to deal with the stress that leads to fingernail biting. By allowing yourself to become deeply relaxed, you open your mind and are able to replace the negative habits you use for dealing with stress with positive, healthier thoughts and behaviours. You will find that you are relaxed and more confident in yourself.

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