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How To Stop Blushing Using Hypnosis

Red, rouge, tomato face – no matter what people taunt you with, blushing is no joke. Knowing how to stop blushing is a holy grail for shy people who would prefer to keep their cool socially.

Charles Darwin believed people who blushed aren’t to be trusted and that young children don’t blush because they aren’t developed enough to understand social rules. Any normal human being who blushes will disagree passionately! Let’s move on from Darwin’s late 19th century ramblings and find out why blushing happens, and more importantly, how to stop blushing.

If you blush for no reason, feel social anxiety, avoid talking to new people or in groups or have plain old embarrassment, it’s likely you’ve got an overly active sympathetic nervous system. Blushing is an unconscious reaction to an emotional trigger, causing your blood vessels to open wider and flood your face, neck and ears. The secret to stopping blushing is to make use of your para-sympathetic nervous system, and allow it to dampen the over active sympathetic nervous system.

The simplest method for enabling your para-sympathetic nervous system to lower anxiety is to use 7-11 breathing. This means you breathe in for a count of 7, hold briefly, and breathe out gently for a count of 11. No matter if you stick with the 7-11 count or some other combination, make sure the out-breath is longer than the in-breath. Practice the breathing technique in a quiet place, and then use it to calm a racing heart and cool a reddening face when you need it.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool in stopping blushing. Deep relaxation lowers anxiety generally, calming your sympathetic nervous system. Whilst experiencing deep relaxation, you can use your imagination to experience social situations and keep cool, even those experiences that would normally open the blood gates in your face!

Remember to seek medical advice in case your blushing is caused by an undiagnosed medical problem, such as the “hot flush” associated with menopause, medication side effects or skin condition. In extreme cases, the only way to stop blushing is to undergo surgery, however for most people this drastic step is not required, particularly if they use hypnosis to lessen blushing.

Allow your body and mind to solve your problems, and discover that the secret of how to stop blushing is within your reach.

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