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There is Treatment for Blushing


There is Treatment for Blushing

If you're seeking a treatment for blushing, you might be interested to know that it happens when blood rushes to your face involuntarily. Most people agree that blushing is brought on by emotional stress like embarrassment, and it's difficult to control blushing. Many experts believe this happens because the sympathetic nervous system is overactive. People who suffer from excessive blushing may also suffer from social phobia as well, which causes such symptoms as severe blushing for seemingly no reason, a feeling of having a very hot face, and shame and embarrassment.

Some doctors recommend a psychological treatment to control blushing. This can include cognitive behavioural therapy, in which a trained therapist helps you to change the way you think and feel in social situations, as well as how you behave. The idea is that once you feel more comfortable in social interactions, your blushing will stop. A therapist may also teach you deep breathing techniques you can use when you feel stressed or anxious that may help you control your blushing, and you may also be encouraged to confront your fears.

Drugs can also help you control your blushing. Some doctors prescribe anxiety medications that will calm you down and may reduce blushing. Beta-blockers are used to manage some of the symptoms caused by anxiety, such as excessive blushing. Another medication that is sometimes prescribed is called clonidine, which changes the body's response to natural chemicals in the body that constrict and dilate the blood vessels. If your blushing is very severe, you may want to consider surgery. Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) is performed under general anaesthesia and some of the nerves that control the diameter of blood vessels are removed.

If you don't like the idea of surgery or taking medications, you might want to consider hypnosis as a treatment for blushing. This is a natural approach that is quick and easy and requires very little effort on your part.

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