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How To Control Your Anger Using Hypnosis

Knowing how to control your anger is a valuable skill, as unchecked anger can ruin your life. Personal and work relationships deteriorate. Anger reduces your ability to think straight, making you less effective and make more mistakes. Your health weakens.

When you’re angry, your emotional brain is in control. Your rational, thinking brain is not involved, so you become “stupid” and a unstable liability. Hypnosis is an effective ally in combating anger, as it works with your emotional brain, teaching it how to behave differently in situations that would normally trigger an angry response.

Anger breeds stress, breeding more anger, in a continuous downward spiral. Using hypnosis to manage your stress and increase relaxation enables you to control your anger and stop anger controlling you.

Exercise helps control your anger by producing good chemicals in your body. Exercise releases endorphins into your body, which stimulates production of serotonin and dopamine, all combining to make you feel good, happier and more sharp and focussed. Happy, healthy fit people find “angry” a hard emotion to rouse.

Recounting angry experiences gives your body the idea it should be angry again, repeating the damage it wreaked first time round. Although it might give you a buzz to tell such stories again or even to yourself, it’s the wrong kind of buzz and one that will only increase your anger long term.

Grumpy old men should be especially concerned about controlling their anger. Men in particular are more susceptible to heart and arterial damage as a result of prolonged angry behaviour. Become a gracious old man instead, and learn how to control your anger before it controls and destroys your life.

Download a hypnosis mp3 on how to control your anger now...

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