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Three Anger Management Exercises to Keep You from Seeing Red

Anger management exercises can help you relearn how you deal with stressful situations. From the time we are children, we are socialized to express our anger appropriately or maybe not at all. But despite that early training, some people just can't seem to control their anger. Maybe you blow up at the slightest provocation, or maybe you let things build up silently and then blow when it all becomes too much to handle. Either way, the anger management exercises listed below can help you get a handle on the red-eyed dragon.

Keep a journal tracking everything that makes you angry and how you reacted to it. This will help you understand what situations are triggers for your anger and how you felt during the situation. You can also go back and look over your journal when you are feeling less emotional and see how you could have handled the situation more productively. Once you've identified what exactly makes you angry, you can figure out how to either avoid the situation or communicate your feelings more effectively.

Make a list of what makes you angry and why. Some experts believe that we get angry because certain needs we have aren't getting met, and what we are really feeling is anxiety, sadness, and fear over our unmet needs. But those feelings come out as anger because we feel helpless and don't know any other way to get our needs met. In actuality, blowing up works against us because it makes it less likely for us to those needs met. So by keeping an anger list, you can identify what needs you have that aren't being met and what feelings you really have about that. When you know your true feelings, you will be more able to express them, instead of losing your temper.

Hypnosis can also be used as anger management exercises because it allows you to quickly and easily identify triggers and learn how to respond to them more appropriately.

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